Madagascar – the lesser known Island of Indian Ocean

Madagascar – [mædəˈɡæskər] • A less known island country which also happens to be the 4th largest island.

Beginning from its name, everything is unique and exotic about Madagascar.

When I first heard of this country – I didn’t know where it was on the World Map. People who are reading this and still don’t know where it exactly is – click here.

I always wanted to travel and explore as much as I can. That was the reason I willingly chose to move down to Africa early on in my career. This dark continent has a lot to offer to one who is open to learning. I consider myself lucky to have gone through the Africa experience in my formative years in the trade. [click to continue…]


Georgian Food and Restaurants in Tbilisi

Unquie meals make ill digestions. – William Shakespeare

I am a foodie by nature, but that doesn’t make me a good reviewer of food. Because I m the kind of guy who is content with what I get. I won’t complain about a bad morning coffee at the dinner table. I take things easy, so should everyone who travels.

So during my 5 days Stay in Georgia, I had the opportunity to visit a few restaurants. Some were good, and some were better. [click to continue…]