5 Things you can start reducing from today

More than ever, we have a need to reduce than to increase. We are surrounded by many unwanted things and it is better to take a break, think, and possibly reduce that which we don’t need.

I am in no way a perfectionist or an expert in these matters, but I have made a few changes myself towards keeping things simple and it all started with reducing unwanted things and stuff in my life.

These need not be big things, it could as simple as these 5 things you can start reducing from today:

  1. Clutter on your desk – I am not perfect when it comes to keeping my work desk clean. But I started doing that from last few months. Now I do it every day. I try to clear my desk just before I leave my office. If clearing your desk looks like a daunting task to you, do it slowly. Choose one side today, clear only that. If you haven’t looked at the material lying on your desk for months, probably you don’t need it anymore. Make use of the trash can, throw them all. Once you are finished clearing one side, plan to do the other side tomorrow, or whenever suits you. Do it in batches, it will be easy.
  2. Inbox – My work inbox is always clean. I don’t leave any unread emails before leaving work. They quickly accumulate by the next day, but I make sure I finish going through them before I finish work. If you have thousands of tread emails buried in your inbox, simply choose all and mark them read. Trust me, if they have been unread for months and nothing drastic happened, probably you won’t lose by marking them unread. If you have multiple accounts work and personal, do it one at a time. But you can start doing it today. Again the key is to keep it from accumulating to reduce the effect of unread emails on your mind space.
  3. Food – This is perhaps was the most difficult for me. If you want to lose weight, this is the best way to start at it. Reduce the food you take at once. You may take as many meals as you want, but take them little and not too much at once. But don’t reduce it drastically. If you are used to eating 2 cups of rice, don’t reduce it to a half cup, this will be difficult and you will end up cheating yourself. Reduce half a cup, and gradually to 1 cup. Key is not how much you reduce, it is how long you go after you reduce your portion.
  4. Speech volume – The World is already chaotic and noisy. Beginning from the minute you wake up to the time you sleep, there is too much noise around. Life will be enjoyable when you talk slowly and at a lower pitch. It automatically also makes your speech much courteous. Try it, but don’t be mum, just reduce your pitch.
  5. Wallet – If at all there is anything bulky which you always carry most often than not it is your wallet. Don’t keep the bills, invoices in your wallet. If they are necessary to keep, drop them in a folder. Carrying a bulky wallet is difficult. Not only does it make your back look awkward, it’s prone to theft. Reduce the junk in your wallet and if possible also cash. Carry your debit or credit card, keep only an emergency money. If you are like me always think about how much you will need during the day before you leave home and only borrow that much from your cash at home.
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