Key life events in the last One Year

So Here I am, Over a year later. Sat to write this post wondering why do I even write here. But that’s life I guess. it must go on, and even if I don’t post here very often the good thing is I did not let this blog die, and get its domain sold out.

So what has changed in last one year ?  [continue reading…]


5 Things you can start reducing from today

More than ever, we have a need to reduce than to increase. We are surrounded by many unwanted things and it is better to take a break, think, and possibly reduce that which we don’t need.

I am in no way a perfectionist or an expert in these matters, but I have made a few changes myself towards keeping things simple and it all started with reducing unwanted things and stuff in my life.

These need not be big things, it could as simple as these 5 things you can start reducing from today: [continue reading…]